Boon has opportunities for everyone in the community.

We are determined to impact your quality of life: how you transport yourself, how we offer employment opportunities, and how we help the community.

Boon is support

Do you dream of seeing your community grow? Boon does, so that is why we are committed to offering mobility solutions with high technological precision with humane and responsible treatment.

Boon is respect

We integrate into your environment by offering real opportunities to our employees and creating a transport service like never before. We dream, like you, in creating development for the country with a vision of continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

Boon is reinvestment

Our investment model guarantees the return of 1% of each trip to help the community, thus generating a positive impact on education, health, social welfare, and help for the most vulnerable sectors, in addition to offering quality jobs.

Boon thinks at all times like you

Boon was born a Costa Rican, with values, with the desire to overcome, and the desire to make a difference in each community, but with global technology that allows us to think big as a company and country.

Boon believes in those who make a difference

Every time you travel with Boon you are helping multiple organizations improve their social assistance programs: we donate to NGOs and invest in community education. Be proud that a part of your trip cost will return to your community to be reinvested actively and reliably.

Boon guarantees positive impact

As a committed company, Boon will follow up so that the investment reaches each organization and is part of the engine of change that our community needs.


Boon is a chain of solutions for everyone

We exist to offer everyone the same opportunities. Our service is of both human and technological quality. Therefore, we implement high standards for training, we offer jobs for the 21st century, as well as reliable and accessible transportation.

Boon is accessibility

Our application allows notification about the need for a vehicle capable of transporting a person with a wheelchair.

Boon is independence

For older adults, we have special rates and facilities so thatthey can be transported safely and independently.

Boon is work for everyone

Our platform is made so that people with hearing disabilities can use it and thus have a competitive source of income.


Boon as a tool for social progress

As a company, Boon plans to invest in social programs to directly benefit organizations that improve people's quality of life.

Boon is an educational commitment

We are technology and service, so we believe that education is the only way to prepare future generations who will come to innovate like us:leaders, entrepreneurs, and exemplary workers. We benefit relevant educational projects in schools, colleges, universities, and community organizations.

Boon is quality of life and health

We maximize our compensation to society by supporting health programs that include the entire population, especially those most in need, with financial support, training, and resources to local or government programs.

Boon is support for those who help

We know the noble work of nonprofit organizations. Our commitment is 100% with inspirational and transformative projects for communities and their inhabitants.

Do you want to apply to our Boon Social Innovation Program?

Boon Social Innovation is a year-round pro bono program dedicated to helping NGO organizations. If you wish to be considered for the program, please apply.

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