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At Boon we are committed to Costa Rica

We plan to directly benefit organizations aimed at improving people's quality of life.

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Boon was born as a transport application 100% committed to Costa Rica. We want to be a leading company in the sustainable economic growth of the country, which watches over community groups, health, education, and entrepreneurs. Our strategy is to be an active participant; an engine that manages projects which serve to create opportunities for the entire population. 

Our mission has always been to revolutionize the way of transporting, creating quality of life for hardworking people and taking important steps to transform this country, its family, and its community.

Boon has a business model that allows everyone to benefit and we are the only ones with a real commitment.

For us, social responsibility never rests. Every trip, everyday, 365 days a year, we allocate a general 1% to reinvest in projects such as education, reforestation, health, entrepreneurs, and financial support to our driving partners. In addition, we select community projects that we finance quarterly in different areas of the country, to pay equally to whom it deserves to be given.

We also provide advice, financing, and assistance to non-governmental organizations that are already giving their grain of sand to the community, because we know that it is essential to support them financially so that they may continue to improve their environment. If you have an organization or project that needs help you can contact us here.

We are also an active part of the fight to reduce global warming. We help plant trees, we support preservation of natural areas, and even ensure that our employees have vehicles that meet the mechanical standards required to minimize pollution as much as possible. 

Another fundamental aspect is that our social responsibility begins with our collaborators. We can say that we are the only mobility company that maintains competitive rates without charging commission to our drivers and this directly impacts thousands of families who rely on us for their living wage.

Find out about this topic at: boongb.com/drivers

We are a company with the DNA of the future. We embrace hope and solidarity. We are the architects of a more just society with opportunities forall, because we know that a prosperous society goes hand in hand with social commitment. Our community efforts are an investment to bequeath to future generations.

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