What is Boon?

Boon is a fresh approach to ride-sharing with a social mission to treat people better. We are changing the transportation industry for the better, providing a better experience for drivers and riders with safe transportation, exceptional service, and employment opportunities.

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Boon offers a variety of vehicles* to meet your daily travel needs. Receive an estimate of the rate before starting. Every type of vehicle is available 7 days a week, and you can schedule a trip for later or travel or ship in an instant on demand.


Comfortable vehicles for four people that provide great value for your money. Enjoy low rates for short trips.


The perfect choice for groups, family trips to the airport, or going out on weekends. Have plenty of space for everyone, even for that extra luggage!


Luxury vehicles with additional space, featuring modern amenities such as leather seats (our luxury models are newer than 5 years). Check out these attractive rates!


Vehicles 2000 to 2009 for 4 people with the lowest rates for short trips.


A true solution for when you need to make a shipment at a moment’s notice. Our messengers are always ready to carry or bring what you need.


Whether you are going to the airport or simply prefer the traditional service, taxis are the best option. Cash payments and low fares on short trips.

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